USB Travel Shaver

It's a USB Travel Shaver


If Jacob Schick, inventor of the first Electric Shaver, were here today, I wonder how he would react to this little beauty? At a glance it looks not too dissimilar to other cordless shavers currently available. However, unlike conventional shavers, this one is fitted with a cleverly concealed USB connection which means it can be charged while on the move.

Not only is it portable, it also benefits from the ‘free’ electricity generated by virtually any notebook, laptop or P.C. fitted with a standard USB port. It even lights up [in that beautiful ‘blue tooth’ blue colour] when being charged. At just 10 x 1.5 x 5cms, it’s exceedingly compact and weighing a mere 89gms, extremely lightweight. It has a matt black ‘rubberised’ finish and is supplied with a handy drawstring pouch. Also included are a spare foil head and a miniature brush.