Invisible Ink Pen with U.V Light - BOGOF

It's a Invisible Ink Pen with U.V Light - BOGOF


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Product Description

  • Buy One Get One Free
  • Never forget your important passwords again
  • Give one to your friend and write secret messages only they can read
  • U.V. Light to make the ink visible
  • 3 X AG3 Batteries required (included)

Never forget those all-important passwords again thanks to this delightful pen which uses invisible ink. Simply write them somewhere safe and when you need to retrieve them, shine the ultra-violet light on its domed top and “hey-presto” there they are! Used to conceal vital information or simply to send “secret mes-sages”, this pen is a must. Just make sure you don’t throw away the paper, thinking it’s blank! Supplied in a presentation gift box complete with an extra Refill.

Rating - 4.75 Out of 5 - 12 Reviews

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***** - Mike Coj - I use it on my bank notes. It works very well.Using the blue LED to reveal it.

***** - Diver - This is the best product ever that I really like, because it has the perfect quality and best features, it is real, you can write anything you want and it looks like invisible, but the best of it you can show what you written by targeting the blue light, I really love this product !!!!

***** - B Diamond - You can make notes on paper and use the light to remind yourself about it. Also would be a good study method.

***** - Madie - Good price, good quality and great shopping. a good product and a good store. on-time delivery and perfect packaging.

***** - Darl Helm - I'm impressed how easy it works! The writing is really invisible unil you light up the writening with the UV-LED. It's easy to hide an additional message in a letter. Maybe really more than just a toy!

***** - Kristian - it is very nice! and it works! If you write on paper you see nothing, but when you put on the blue light you see the magic words!

***** - Tony Bass - Works perfectly! Arrived in its package all sealed up, pen tip was covered so the ink wouldnt've dried out! Write anything, use the light, all good. Really worth it. Excellent gift for my daughter!

***** - Barry - It works great. It writes easily like a normal pen but the "ink" is very light. The light that reveals the ink is bright and it works even in bright rooms. You can read what is written due to the indention the pen leaves in the paper, it looks similar to if you wrote something with a regular pen that is out of inkso you need to write lightly. I think I might buy a bunch of these to give out for Christmas gifts. I will be buying more of these!

***** - Maggy - This is quite a pen, a serious novelty product everyone to whom I have shown it is amazed by it. I would not like to exagerate but it is quite fun and novel and marvel. I take it with me everywhere I go, so always yes. This is quite amazing, a preposterous tool The only con I would consider here is its price since everybody I show it to want me to give it to him so I am left without a pen and have to reorder a new one which is quite exprensive if you have many friends. I would not consider anything else. Bottomline is that this is a great tool for a considerable amount of money, but If you are willing to pay, it can be quite an experience.

***** - Danielle Pavey - Very nice, works as described, really looks fancy. It is not heavy, and the ink goes easy in any surface. Works on paper, skin, and so on. The material is not that great, but it does not matter as it is for fun only A friend will use to paint people's faces and when the party is on, he will turn on the dark lights. Fun, fun and fun. Very cheap. Works as it should. Can't get any better. Very nice, works as described, really looks fancy. It is not heavy, and the ink goes easy in any surface. Works on paper, skin, and so on. Go with it. The material is not that great, but it does not matter as it is for fun only

***** - Ray Drummond - Good product. Now you can practice Harry Potter's magic. Use the invisibility ink and then with your magic wand (pen) reveal everything. I really like this product, and I will order more. The customer service is great here at Truly amazing product. Very useful even as a currency checker. Maybe it should have been a little stronger, the clip comes off easily.Thank you. none none The metal of this pen is really goood and pretty, is very elegant to bring everywhere and nobody realize that is a invisible ink pen, the uv work fine and you can check bill and check to see is something is wrong or false, i recomended this great product. 

** - Pros: It's cheap Cons: Ink almost invisible You have to light it from very close range to see whats written Invisible ink is still visible without blue light, in daylight.

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