Helicopter Alarm Clock

It's a Helicopter Alarm Clock


Less like Black Hawk down and more like Lazy Bones up! with this fabulous facsimile Helicopter Alarm Clock.
Anyone who has mastered the snooze button on their alarm clock to the point where it is no longer effective will have more than met their match with this beauty.
As its name suggests, this digital clock really flies. Okay, so only the rotor blade actually heads skywards but more of that later.
In park mode its large back-lit LCD clearly displays the current time [12 or 24-hour format] plus day of the week and the date. And because it is back-lit, the time can be seen - even in the dark. The fun begins immediately the alarm time is reached when the rotor blade begins to spin accompanied by a very loud and distinctive whirring sound that only a helicopter engine can make. Once full take-off power is reached, the rotor heads skywards - with the alarm now on full volume!
Here comes the best bit - the only way to stop this infernal noise is to physically return the rotor to its base station which means you have to get out of bed and search it and because the rotor is mounted on a knuckle, it is impossible to predict where it will land, so do not even think about strategically placing it because you are simply wasting valuable slumber time.. We really put the Hell in Helicopter with this one!
Requires 4 x AA batteries (not included) or a 6-volt mains adaptor (not included).
Product size - 7 x 18 x 6.5cm