Bird Mat Pre-seeded mat for Wild Birds

It's a Bird Mat Pre-seeded mat for Wild Birds


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Product Description

  • Attracts Birds to your garden
  • Controls the growth of weeds
  • Annual, Biennial & Perennial Wild Flowers
  • Biodegradable material
  • Available in two varieties:- BeeMat &BirdMat

Bee Mat is a ready seeded biodegradable mat that contains mixed flower seeds that have been carefully selected to provide nectar and pollen for bees while controlling weeds. Each Mat is made up of two layers of tissue paper with seeds between them. When laid onto prepared soil and covered with a thin layer of clean soil or compost, Bee Mat will suppress weeds and encourage germination of the flower seeds within the mat. The best time to plant the mat is just before winter as this is when the seeds would be planted in nature and they therefore grow easier and more naturally. Bee Mat contains a combination of annual, biennial and perennial species of flower that will flower vigorously over an extended period including:-

  • Mixed Knapweeds
  • Corn Marigold
  • Wild Carrot
  • Teasel
  • Purple Coneflower
  • Phacelia
  • Yarrow
  • Selfheal
  • Blackeye Susan
  • Sorrel
  • Salad Burnet
  • Quinoa, Linseed
  • White Millet
  • Canary Grass.

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